We are creating a B2B2C Metaverse to onboard traditional businesses into the digital ecosystem.

SPAACE is accelerating the adoption of the digital world.

SPAACE is leveraging strategic founder partnerships, including FMW, Allscope and additional network television partners to showcase its Metaverse community properties offering needed media support, exposure & education - using linear television, billboards and commercials to market their brands. SPAACE is creating and integrating a 1:1 virtual scale of the urban landscapes. Providing ownership of digital assets and property - seamlessly integrating the virtual and physical reality between the metaverse and the real world. SPAACE will distribute 5% of all of its earnings between its token holders.

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About Our Partners

SPAACE has over 50 partners and businesses already signed up.

SPAACE's partners range from public companies to privately owned cryptocurrency companies. We ❤️ onboarding all kinds of different businesses, as that is going to be diversifying the activities, the products & the services that you can find on SPAACE later.



Phase 1 - Q2 2022-Q3 2022

Seed, private & public rounds

First things first, we'll be wrapping up our funding rounds to get ourselves financially ready for our growth.

Listing on exchanges

We'll be listing on several exchanges after our funding round & gradually list on better ones as our trading volume grows.

Team expansion

To make a great product, you need a great team. Look out for our hiring spree!

First partnerships kick off

We'll be activating our first few partnerships to roll out the early access of our advertising platform - where you can advertise in our partners' metaverses.

Phase 2 - Q4 2022-Q1 2023

Metaverse development

We'll roll out the early access of our own B2B2C metaverse, where we will be onboarding several businesses to sell their goods and services in.

Activating revenue streams

We'll activate our revenue streams by onboarding businesses to rent their spaces and sell their goods, by having consumers purchase products and services which we collect a fee on, and by having other developers use our SDK to display ads in their own games and websites.

Stake and earn

Stake SPAACE tokens and earn more SPAACE. 5% of all the revenue will be redestributed between SPAACE stakers.

Growth stage

We'll be scaling up and expanding worldwide. With our alpha build we'll be able to onboard any users & any businesses from all across the globe.

Phase 3 - Q2 2023-Q3 2023

Mobile app development

We'll be releasing our mobile app, which you can enter our metaverse directly from your phone by downloading our application. No VR headsets will be needed to enjoy SPAACE.

First burn event

A percentage of all the revenue in tokens will be burned to reduce the circulating supply for a period of time.

Simplifying down our web panels

Our web panels for developers, businesses and advertisers will be simplified down with more in-depth analytics.

Supporting other cryptocurrencies

We'll be adding support for several other cryptocurrencies. Once a different cryptocurrency project signs up at us to support their cryptocurrency for a fixed monthly fee, they'll be given instant utility accross our entire metaverse to pay for products & services with their own cryptocurrency. The costs to pay for goods and services will be higher - SPAACE will always remain the cheapest checkout method.

Local hubs & offices

As we're introducing traiditonal businesses to the metaverse, we'll be opening more offices in various strategic locations around the world to offer direct help to businesses.

Phase 4 - Q4 2023-Q1 2024


Pay with your own SPAACE debit card both virtually & physically, directly with your SPAACE tokens.


SPAACE will transform itself into a DAO. By this time, the business will run itself. Business, advertisers and developers will be able to automatically rent out spaces, sell their own services and goods, create and publish advertisements in our ad spots and in the products of the developers signed up to display our ads. There won't be a need for central authority - we'd like to give all the power to our holders.


5% of all the revenue will be distributed between stakers. We'll be offering up 35% of our supply to sale. 12,862,500 SPAACE tokens, or 12.8625% will be circulating on TGE. A 1% transaction fee will be charged on all the token transactions. 0.5% will be distributed between all the stakers.


SPAACE's team & advisory

Vince Caruso

Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur. CEO of FMW Media, CEO of TicketSales.com (Acquired in 2004), Deposits.com

Abel Czupor


Private hedge fund CEO, growth hacker, marketer & business developer, specialized in startups


SPAACE's advisory

William Wu


CEO at SolChicks

Mary Spio


CEO at CeekVR

Chad Liang


VP of Business Development & Listing at BitMart

Robert Towles


CEO at Ink Games

Evan Greenberg


CEO at Allscope

Joseph Akintolayo


CEO at Deposits.com

Jane King



Cameron Geary


CEO at Nemesis Downfall

Karim Quazzani


Founder at Pawtocol

Ryan Fishoff


CEO at American Premium Water

Scott Elberg


Head of Global Media at FMW Media Works Corp.

Nawzad Amiri


Founder & CEO at Pawthereum

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